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Red Kayak

Red Kayak5 Star Rating
Red Kayak
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The author is Priscilla Cummings and the publisher is Puffin. The was released sometime in 2006. The child's book has 228 pages. Whilst reading can be something in which everybody of just about any age can engage in, there are surely many different ways which you could make the thrill more pleasant. Some folks proclaim they don't really have time to read, yet reading can also be a wonderful use of time, particularly with the proper children's book. For additional details on this child's book, check out our store add to cart button below.

Priscilla Cummings is the writer for Red Kayak. kayak loves life chesapeake friends digger

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Brand: Puffin
Author: Priscilla Cummings

Brady loves life on the Chesapeake Bay with his friends J. T. and Digger. Tragedy strikes when the Di Angelos' kayak overturns inside the bay, and Brady wonders if it was more than an accident. But developers and rich families are moving into the area, and while Brady befriends some of them, like the Di Angelos, his parents and friends are bitter in regards to the changes. Soon, Brady discovers the terrible truth behind the kayak's sinking, and it will modify the lives of those he loves forever. Priscilla Cummings deftly weaves a suspenseful tale of three teenagers caught in a wicked web of deception.

  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Pages: 228

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